Far from Existing

One of my favourite moments from the Marathon des Sables; Dense & intense skies full of more stars than imaginable; Magical!; A beautiful compliment shimmering on the ocean’s surface.

Day 32: Pain meds & ceasing up fingers; Long duration events and finding psychological battles; Is this programmed?; Resets, visualisation and perspective. A shooting star or the International Space Station? Respect & admiration for Mark Slats

Day 33: Lowest mileage but most hours rowed; A New World Record by Mark; and now I’m the last Paddy on the water. 

Day 34: Strong state – High Spirits; Living hard; Calm again = a unexpected longer 2nd half; Worked hard for every mile; Want big conditions again; Real Turmat for lunch.

Day 35: 5 Weeks! Lived every minute of them; No winds; Slow work and a week or more of it ahead; Controlling the moment; Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, 588 days of work just to get to the start line.


Day 32:  https://youtu.be/HIXoI5zJ-tk 

Day 33:  https://youtu.be/tUewxpqA7dc 

Day 34:  https://youtu.be/d0xkt0gG1c8 

Day 35:  https://youtu.be/Ubydr7q-2LY 

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