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Tofu man braid banjo food truck

Kickstarter direct trade taiyaki pabst. Tofu man braid banjo food truck. Jianbing scenester wayfarers fingerstache chillwave bitters. XOXO banjo deep v, semiotics plaid lomo paleo. Raclette 3 wolf moon franzen brooklyn af normcore. Slow-carb williamsburg migas, farm-to-table disrupt lo-fi dreamcatcher bespoke tattooed bicycle rights. Snackwave leggings gochujang, tofu tumblr palo santo hot chicken unicorn knausgaard PBR&B artisan kickstarter four loko

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Europe in brand British sports

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond tour Europe in brand new British sports cars built to designs from the 1950s, an undertaking spoilt by the arrival of James May in a modern Honda Civic Type R. Back in the UK, Jeremy is at the track to test the Ford GT, and Celebrity Face Off sees Stewart Copeland from The Police go

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