Deflating Winds

Day 36:  A sleepless night with an unexpected GPS surprise at 4am; The hidden importance of a window of sleep; The absorption of some hard-fought miles; The real time reality of outcome focus versus process and a headspace treaty. 

Day 37: 7 miles bringing mental deflation; Expectations are not my friend; Fighting winds but little mileage; The mindset that every moment counts.

Day 38: Obsessed with numbers as they pass the days; Hot with little winds today; Counting down to under 1000NM to Antigua; Positivity is a choice; A lunatic on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic


Day 36:  https://youtu.be/OAst11R2nUk 

Day 37:  https://youtu.be/QJpa1D8a6sI 

Day 38:  https://youtu.be/RtvOT28Ev2w 

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