The Dog Days of Summer

Sometime I feel like I don’t belong in the modern world; Unleashing the wild man inside me; becoming uncomfortable in comfort; A coded deep communication I trust and listen too; Accepting my dark side; and feeding off actions that align with my values.

Day 28- Benign conditions; Hands flaring up dramatically overnight; This is exactly where I want to be, no complaints; Taking in as much as I can while I’m here; James Glynn and Joe Rogan Tweeting; Milestones on the horizon.

The power of perspective; The irony of ocean rowing; The relief of having only one thing to concentrate on, rowing.

Day 29 – Calm day again; Working hard for every mile; The consequences of that effort, dehydration; Drained just after getting on the oars; Rowing later into the night; Using the stars to guide the boat; Grinding out the days.

‘Go South until the butter melts, then turn West; The trade winds; My weather router and our system of comms.; Mood = positive; The watermaker and its strain on the system.

Day 30 – A video update for social; 14NM from halfway; Sitting in literally the middle of the Atlantic; Congratulations to The 4 Oarsmen, Team Antigua and Swiss Mocean; Pushing South; Steady state physically and mentally; A call to support my 3 charity partners.

Why I try to use my expeditions/challenges to support people doing great work in their corners of the world

Day 31 – Halfway! 1330nm rowed, 14 days now without a steering system, very happy about this; Late start this morning and I’m getting on my own case about it again; Text messages from Kris and Team Noble and their generous words bring with them a rising of my emotions; 38NM is last 24hrs; dodging night squalls; mood is generally down; Perspective shift needed. 

Hard to rise yourself day after day and face the fight again. Lack of self-discipline in rising on time = a red flag for me. These flags worry me hugely.  


Day 28:  https://youtu.be/GFei00otcLY 

Day 29: https://youtu.be/h6kj79p8H5g 

Day 30:  https://youtu.be/_MLV-Z6-Ddo 

Day 31:  https://youtu.be/-Gk0H2K93F4

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