New Year, New Confronting Reality

Day 18: Surprise and disappointment in myself and my output; night rowing and the allure of the cabin lights; my race is over after 700 miles; conditions change and the daunting reality of the mammoth task ahead without a functioning steering system; getting spat out of wind tunnels and the exhausting process to try to get back in; the colossal upper body strength needed to realign the boat and the demoralising reality that this fight was never one I could win but would be faced with daily; my connection puzzle/strategy, letters from home and an emotional punch in the gut; a ship and a dredger so far from land?; A competitive animal by nature or nurture. 

Day 19: A new year; no dramas for 24hrs; grinding, grinding, grinding; strength, concentration and monitoring waves to steer; never giving up the hard fight; the first inkling of sores; moving around the seat to steer; a weak nod to backside maintenance but was it already too late?; a lucky revive, Queena and the silent AIS. 

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