Notes from the Ocean

A toilet analogy to explain the subconscious signalling of why everything starts to hurt at the end of a challenge/expedition


Day 59:  Arse sores back with vengeance due to wet days; Rowing without a perch for a bit; Everything starting to hurt; Signalling to “give up”; A wild night – Squalls and bombs hitting the cabin; Crazy painkiller induced dreams?


Intra days: A waterproof notebook and notes from each day; Day 59’s precise takings; Surfing waves described and drinking directly for a 10L drum. 


Day 60 : Mounting conditions; A near capsize overnight and the ploy of using a “witches’ hat” to help keep the boat straight. 


Intra days: Surrounded myself with people who knew a lot more about the ocean and ocean rowing then I did; Getting the drogue ready for an incoming storm; Huge booms vibrating the cabin throughout the night & a fist of painkillers concocting a very strange night of weird dreams; Rowing with the drogue on; The “nightmare” process of sending videos home with the BGAN; Was I being followed by an electric blue fish?


Day 61: A view of the drogue functioning the day after it served its purpose during a storm and a short tour of the boat. 


Closing:  Rowing one handed from 7.30am to 1pm; Losing two satellite phones in two days; Tasting sea salt 3 years later from the notebook; Documenting the journey and filling in some late arrivals to the details of the boat; A little story of the King of the Watermakers and my incompetence in learning by showing. 





Day 59:  https://youtu.be/HaZUZjoLHj0

Day 60:  https://youtu.be/XZW4lyPjvi4

Day 61:  https://youtu.be/aD405XaLTUo 


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