Irish Examiners – October 4, 2022

“Former rugby player Damian Browne said he was overwhelmed as hundreds of people turned out on Tuesday morning in Galway to give him a hero’s welcome after he completed his marathon row from New York.

The 112-day journey, involving 2,686 hours at sea and over 3,450 nautical miles rowed, was an endurance test that ended in drama when his 6.2m boat called ‘Cushlamachree’ was driven on the rocks near Furbo in a storm in Galway Bay shortly before 1am on Tuesday.

The 42-year old adventurer was rescued by three gardaí as other emergency services were launched and he was taken ashore and reunited with his family.

The former Connacht and Leinster rugby player had hoped to row in through the gates in Galway docks but instead, having spent the remainder of the night with his partner Rozelle and baby daughter Elodie, he sailed into port to be greeted by hundreds of well-wishers.

“I accomplished what I wanted to and I’m safe and I’m uninjured and I have had an incredible reception.”