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Fit for Purpose: 12 Months+

Your mind can be your most powerful ally or your most destructive enemy; to become unstoppable, you must learn to witness it and direct it.

Damian has shared his unique story, incredible experiences and deep learnings with multinational corporations, tech giants and World class sporting environments including NFL teams and International Rugby XVs


The 5 Keys to Mental Strength and Resilience:
Rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic:

In this inspirational keynote Damian recounts his incredible story of rowing alone for 63 days across the Atlantic Ocean; enduring storms, 10m waves, capsizes, complete steering system failure, an encounter with a whale, the mental battles and how he controlled his mind using his ‘5 keys to mental strength and resilience’.
Transporting the audience into the reality of his epic tale, Damian interlaces ‘raw & inspirational’ video logs into his awe inspiring story, to share the powerful mental tools of self awareness, visualisation, responsibility, affirmations and the 4 Controllables Method he employed to manage his mind during one of the hardest challenges a human can undertake.

Themes & Focuses Explored: 

Inspiration. Motivation. Personal Leadership. Mental Strength. Resilience. Self Awareness. Concentration. Accessing the “No Mind” State.