“A group of brave Kilkenny people are taking the plunge this month for a good cause.
The Kilkenny Freezbrury group have been dipping their toes – and more – in the chilly waters of the Nore to raise money for charity,
Now in its third year, Freezbrury is a challenge created by Irish adventurer Damian Browne, which challenges people physically and mentally through cold water immersion in the month of February each year.
Participants immerse in cold water on February 1 for one minute, two minutes on February 2 and carry on the whole way up to February 28, when they stay in the water for 28 minutes!
According to Neil Gunning and Searlait Doyle from Kilkenny’s Freezbrury group, rules are simple: You must immerse in swimwear only, with no wetsuits or boots allowed. Immersion is at chest height and everyone must dunk at least once during the time.
The challenge has been taken on nationwide by people in support of raising awareness around mental health and to raise funds for mental health charities.”