Damian Browne

Craziest Day of My Life


Day 14: Imagine being woken up as you are catapulted, face first, into the side of a solid wood cabin during a capsize as a ferocious wave turns your boat over 360 degrees in a raging storm. Welcome to Day 14 on the Atlantic, also known as the craziest day of my life. This was a day spent at the edges of life as I battled my wits, fears and mother nature. 2 full capsizes, one where I hung onto the boat with one hand as I rode the capsize 180 degrees under water, calmly repeating to myself a practiced mantra for the very scenario, “squeeze your grip”. 3 more capsizes were narrowly avoided as I stared a face full of Atlantic Ocean in the eye and Darien teetered on the brink but held firm, much like my grip on a vital piece of equipment. Then there was the whale. The curious, playful adolescent who revived me from a minor state of shock with its visit and subsequently stirred emotions I didn’t know existed as it circled my boat and made eye contact with me on one of its final passes. Simply, a day I will never forget. 

Day 14 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhhlH-_crRM&t=55s

Day 14 (night) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4h0EuJK_hg&t=4s 

Produced by Niall Killeney Taylor

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