What is better than pursuing one passion? Combining two. By bringing together my love for extreme adventures and my desire to give a little back I feel I have found my way to help causes close to my heart. I have huge admiration for anyone selflessly trying to make a difference in their corner of the world and hope I can use any ability I have to help them in their endeavours. I am delighted to partner with the charities below for the Talisker Atlantic Challenge and have set ourselves the daunting goal of raising 50,000 euro between them. If you would like to know more about our partners and their work, our 100 club or make a small donation, you'll find all the links on this page. Thanks for reading, Damian.

The 100 Club Crew

The 100 Club Crew is a unique opportunity for individuals to join me crossing the Atlantic and also make a donation to my chosen charities . For 100 of your hard earner euros you will have your name placed around the cabin hatch of my boat, of which I will stare at for 60 days, have your name or picture added to the club below and most importantly be making a 100 euro donation to the charity fundraising total.

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Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland | The World Is Our ...

MSF provides emergency medical aid at the frontlines of conflicts, natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world. Learn more about our work.

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Strong Roots Foundation, Rwanda

Strong Roots Foundation is a school for kids aged between 4 to 9 in Kigali Rwanda run by Pascal Blaise Nkurikiyineza. I first met Pascal through while traveling in Rwanda. Pascal has a pretty incredible story himself of turning his life around and is currently trying to give back to children is similar circumstances to the ones he faced. The current school building is rented and causing a lot of financial stress but Pascal has recently been able to acquire some land and with funds raised from the row we hope to be able to build a permanent home for the school.

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MADRA is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to finding new homes for unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs.

Under the management of registered dog trainers Marina Fiddler and Tara Nic Dhiarmada, MADRA actively searches for permanent, quality homes for our dogs through advertisements in local newspapers, veterinary clinics, pet shops, and special events that provide exposure.

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