Damian Browne

Blown 50 Miles off Course


Let’s visualise! Me vs. me and no getting away from that battle. Stumbling on an unseen solution to the constant battle. 


Day 46:  40 miles; Tough finish to the morning working against Northerly winds; Doubling up on breakfast & lunch; No salt, pepper or hot sauce; Singing songs about grinding; The holes are growing wider on the perch.


Intra days: Singing the ‘Ratlin Bog’ and numerous other random sequences of words to get me away from the constant conversion surrounding the physical discomfort from sores; The importance of the phone and documenting my days.


Day 47 (1): “Fucking fed-up man”; Knocked by numbers; Read one new letter from Tony B; Some positive listening despite the words. 


Intra days: Unpacking the 130 sec vent; The value of the phone in a cathartic way; How a number ‘knocked me for six’ and drove me into a very negative place; The disempowering nature of outcome focus; The Westside Barbell method of not counting reps and why; Contrasting self-talk despite the overarching general mood; Galvanised from some visualised imagery to get my daily target no matter what. 


Day 47 (2): Getting smashed by NE winds all day, 50 miles of course and counting; Losing the very valuable position on the perch again and again; Losing time; Feeling sorry for myself;  


Closing: A terrible general disposition and low frequency; But what good was that?? Take fucking responsibility and reinforcing that behaviour until it became my character; “What are you doing about it?” 

A Mount Everest expedition update and current training progress. 

My week on Patreon. 





Day 46:  https://youtu.be/5roIVtBf81M

Day 47 (1):  https://youtu.be/cxVGVnQvuqE 

Day 47 (2):  https://youtu.be/PUT5UH87nDY 



Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/DamianBrowne


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