Damian Browne

An Exercise in Suffering


‘Welcome to the real world’; Living in an avenue of life with, purpose, discomfort and lack of choice; Seeing the world differently because of the reality of a rugby life; Broadening my map of how I see the world; Grateful having walked in the gate of Galwegians RFC; Nervous system feedback at 11; Breaking conditioning & perceptions through the demands of professional rugby; My need for growth; I am an Explorer; The squeeze of external and internal pressures; My supports on and off the ocean; Justin Adkin’s guidance and Ian Couch’s suggestion. 


Day 48 :  A review of the last number of days; A visual of my perch; The holes of the perch are growing; Morale getting hit with the thoughts of what’s ahead over the next 16 days; On a positive – over 2000NM rowed. 


Intra days: Can we achieve our full potential without embracing pain? Learning from the reality of pain; ‘I hope this is as hard as it can possibly be?’, my adventure hope; Expanding one’s map of reality; “Does this sound sick?”, A fantastic opportunity to learn and grow from. 


Day 49.1  : Feeling great after a swim and wash; Clipping some ridiculous toe nails; Scrubbing the sores; Savouring the experience and banking the memories; A flat calm day; 600NM from Antigua and people are worried about my approach to the island!!!; A very very special thing to do.  


Intra days: What a difference 24hrs can make; The power of clipping a few toenails; Questioning my own sincerity 3 years later; My multipurpose cloth; Gritting my teeth for 15 secs and getting stuck into the sores, with effect affects. 


Day 49 (Full) : 7 weeks done and dusted; Another milestone; Deciding to go straight West despite the conditions; Cranking out a few miles more than expected; 18-19 hours rowing in 24hrs bring up a big bruise in my hand; Going between naked rowing and shorts on; Best the sores have felt in 3 – 4 weeks; Spirits perked up. Days like these are numbered. 

Intra days: Remembering the crescendo 6 days beforehandRewiring how I perceive things through lived adversity; A remarkable turnaround that would never have been perceived if it hadn’t been lived. High spirits continued.

Day 50: Contrast my experience with yours over the last 50 days; My 5 senses minimised; A life striped back; An exercise in suffering & a strangely beautiful thing to do; Completely different to what I was expecting; A very special place. 


Closing: Here we are on day 50 seeing the clear link between life of a professional rugby player, Purpose, Discomfort & Lack of Choice and exploration and extreme adventures.  

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Day 48 : https://youtu.be/h9mcCdG5940 

Day 49.1 :  https://youtu.be/nQlrSDtM2EY 

Day 49 Full : https://youtu.be/QAU4fk-vxl4 

Day 50: https://youtu.be/tq8TCKiJdyE 



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